Magnetic properties of carbon nanoparticles

  title={Magnetic properties of carbon nanoparticles},
  author={Erkki Lahderanta and Alexander V. Lashkul and Konstantin G Lisunov and Dmitry A. Zherebtsov and Damir M. Galimov and Aleksei Titkov},
Magnetization M (T, B) of powder and glassy samples containing carbon nanoparticles is investigated in the interval of temperatures T between ~ 3  300 K and magnetic fields B up to 5 T. Low-field magnetization, M (T), exhibits a strong magnetic irreversibility, which is suppressed above the field of ~ 1 T. The dependence of M (B) saturates at high temperatures above B ~ 2 T, magnetic hysteresis is observed already at 300 K. The values of the saturation magnetization, the coercivity field and… CONTINUE READING

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