Magnetic properties of amorphous Gd0.67Y0.33

  title={Magnetic properties of amorphous Gd0.67Y0.33},
  author={E. Loudghiri and Khalid Roky and Awatef Hassini and Azzam Belayachi and Hassan Lassri},
Abstract Amorphous Gd 0.67 Y 0.33 thin film has been prepared by RF sputtering and its magnetic properties have been studied. The magnetization measurements show that the M ( T ) curves present a maximum at low temperature and that the magnetic saturation is difficult to obtain even for fields up to 150 kOe for M ( H ) isotherms. This behavior can be attributed to the competing exchange interactions and the random magnetic anisotropy. The thermomagnetization curve is found to obey the Bloch law… CONTINUE READING

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