Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in double Sr 2 FeMoO 6 perovskites

  title={Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in double Sr 2 FeMoO 6 perovskites},
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Rotating Magnetocaloric Effect and Magnetic Properties in NdMnO3 perovskite: the Monte Carlo Study
In this work, the magnetic properties and rotating magnetocaloric effect in NdMnO3 perovskite have been investigated by using the Monte Carlo simulations. The rotating magnetocaloric effect is
Magneto-caloric effect in Pb2CoUO6 with the second-order phase transition
  • M. Arejdal
  • Materials Science, Chemistry
    Bulletin of Materials Science
  • 2021
Theoretically, the magnetic behaviours and the magneto-caloric performance of the Pb 2 CoUO 6 double perovskite were predicted and examined. The results attained in this paper showed that the Pb 2
Revisiting the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of bulk gadolinium: A combined DFT and Monte Carlo simulations
In this paper, a combination of DFT study and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations has been performed on Gd compound which undergoes a second–order phase transition from ferromagnetic state to paramagnetic
Ground State Phase Diagrams and Magnetic Properties of the Double Perovskite Pb2FeReO6.
The Half-Metallic Ferromagnetic behavior of some double perovskites attracts much interest. In this work, we studied the magnetic behavior of the double perovskite Pb2FeReO6. The magnetic atoms are


Recent Progress in Exploring Magnetocaloric Materials
The magnetic refrigeration technique based on the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) has attracted increasing interest because of its high efficiency and environment friendliness. In this article, our
Field dependence of the magnetocaloric effect in materials with a second order phase transition: A master curve for the magnetic entropy change
The field dependence of the magnetic entropy change can be expressed as ΔSM∝Hn. For soft magnetic amorphous alloys n=1 well below the Curie temperature (TC), n=2 in the paramagnetic range, and n≈0.75
Magnetostructural coupling behavior at the ferromagnetic transition in double-perovskite S r 2 FeMo O 6
The ordered double-perovskite Sr2FeMoO6 (SFMO) possesses remarkable room-temperature low-field colossal magnetoresistivity and transport properties which are related, at least in part, to combined
Induction of Colossal Magnetoresistance in the Double Perovskite Sr2CoMoO6
Sr2CoMoO6 perovskite has been prepared in polycrystalline form by thermal treatment, in air, of previously decomposed citrate precursors. This material has been studied by X-ray (XRD) and neutron