Magnetic moment distribution in FeNiV and FeCoV alloys

  title={Magnetic moment distribution in FeNiV and FeCoV alloys},
  author={J. Wesley Cable and Jenna Elizabeth Thompson and Sonia Sekula},
Abstract Magnetization and neutron scattering measurements were made on the alloys Fe 0.375 Ni 0.375 V 0.25 and Fe 0.165 Co 0.585 V 0.25 in both the atomically ordered and disordered state. Individual atomic magnetic moment assignments were made based on these data and the known systematic behaviour of fcc Ni-V and Co-V alloys. Fe moments of 1.14μ B /Fe (ordered) and 0.95μ B /Fe (disordered) were obtained for the ferromagnetic FeNiV alloys at 4.2 K. Much smaller moments were found for the FeCoV… CONTINUE READING

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