Magnetic hardening of Pr‐Co‐B sintered magnets (abstract)

  title={Magnetic hardening of Pr‐Co‐B sintered magnets (abstract)},
  author={Chris N. Christodoulou and William E. Wallace and T. B. Massalski},
It is well known that the Pr2Co14B intermetallic compound has a high magnetocrystalline anisotropy (100 kOe at 294 K). This value is higher than that of the Pr2Fe14B compound (70 kOe at 294 K). Hard magnets, using the rapid‐quenching technique, have been prepared for both the Co‐ and Fe‐based materials. In the case of the conventional powder‐metallurgy technique, only the Fe‐based magnets have been successfully prepared. So far, there is no report of achieving any significant value of… CONTINUE READING


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