Magnetic hardening of Fe30Co70 nanowires.

  title={Magnetic hardening of Fe30Co70 nanowires.},
  author={Sara Li{\'e}bana Vi{\~n}as and Ruslan Salikhov and Cristina Bran and Ester M Palmero and Manuel V{\'a}zquez and Behnaz Arvan and Xiang Yao and Peter Toson and Josef Fidler and Marina Spasova and Ulf Wiedwald and Michael Farle},
  volume={26 41},
3d transition metal-based magnetic nanowires (NWs) are currently considered as potential candidates for alternative rare-earth-free alloys as novel permanent magnets. Here, we report on the magnetic hardening of Fe30Co70 nanowires in anodic aluminium oxide templates with diameters of 20 nm and 40 nm (length 6 μm and 7.5 μm, respectively) by means of magnetic pinning at the tips of the NWs. We observe that a 3-4 nm naturally formed ferrimagnetic FeCo oxide layer covering the tip of the FeCo NW… CONTINUE READING