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Magnetic fields in cosmology

  title={Magnetic fields in cosmology},
  author={Alexander Dolgov},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
  • A. Dolgov
  • Published 23 June 2003
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Astrophysics
Different mechanisms which may possibly explain existence of magnetic fields on astronomically large scales are described. A recently suggested model of magnetic fields generation slightly before hydrogen recombination is discussed in more detail. 
Primordial magnetic fields and nonlinear electrodynamics
The creation of large scale magnetic fields is studied in an inflationary universe where electrodynamics is assumed to be nonlinear. After inflation ends electrodynamics becomes linear and thus the
Primordial magnetogenesis before recombination
Abstract The origin of large magnetic fields in the Universe remains currently unknown. We investigate here a mechanism before recombination based on known physics. The source of the vorticity is due
Resonant magnetic fields from inflation
We propose a novel scenario to generate primordial magnetic fields during inflation induced by an oscillating coupling of the electromagnetic field to the inflaton. This resonant mechanism has two
On the cosmological propagation of high energy particles in magnetic fields
In the present work the connection between high energy particles and cosmic magnetic fields is explored. Particularly, the focus lies on the propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) and
Large-Scale Magnetic Fields, Dark Energy and QCD.
Cosmological magnetic fields are being observed with ever increasing correlation lengths, possibly reaching the size of superclusters, therefore disfavoring the conventional picture of generation
On inflating magnetic fields, and the backreactions thereof
We investigate in more depth the issue of backreaction in models that attempt at generating cosmological magnetic fields at inflation. By choosing different, physically motivated, parametrisations,
Cosmological Perturbation Theory and Magnetogenesis
Cosmological perturbation theory (CPT) is an important tool with which inhomogeneities that seed the observed structure of our universe can be studied. This thesis introduces the subject of CPT and
Cosmological Magnetogenesis From Extra-dimensional Gauss Bonnet Gravity
Generation of primordial magnetic fields during inflation typically requires the breaking of conformal invariance of the Electromagnetic action. In this paper this has been achieved naturally in a
Ferromagnetic properties of charged vector boson condensate
Bose-Einstein condensation of W bosons in the early universe is studied. It is shown that, in the broken phase of the standard electroweak theory, the condensed W bosons form a ferromagnetic state
Cosmic electromagnetic fields due to perturbations in the gravitational field
We use nonlinear gauge-invariant perturbation theory to study the interaction of an inflation produced seed magnetic field with density and gravitational wave perturbations in an almost


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