Magnetic field studies of massive main sequence stars

  title={Magnetic field studies of massive main sequence stars},
  author={Markus Schoeller and Swetlana Hubrig and Ilya V. Ilyin and Nina V. Kharchenko and Maryline Briquet and Norbert Langer and Lidia M. Oskinova and the Magori collaboration},
We report on the status of our spectropolarimetric observations of massive stars. During the last years, we have discovered magnetic fields in many objects of the upper main sequence, including Be stars, β Cephei and Slowly Pulsating B stars, and a dozen O stars. Since the effects of those magnetic fields have been found to be substantial by recent models, we are looking into their impact on stellar rotation, pulsation, stellar winds, and chemical abundances. Accurate studies of the age… CONTINUE READING