Magnetic field generation by pointwise zero-helicity three-dimensional steady flow of an incompressible electrically conducting fluid.

  title={Magnetic field generation by pointwise zero-helicity three-dimensional steady flow of an incompressible electrically conducting fluid.},
  author={A. O. Rasskazov and Roman A. Chertovskih and V. Zheligovsky},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={97 4-1},
We introduce six families of three-dimensional space-periodic steady solenoidal flows, whose kinetic helicity density is zero at any point. Four families are analytically defined. Flows in four families have zero helicity spectrum. Sample flows from five families are used to demonstrate numerically that neither zero kinetic helicity density nor zero helicity spectrum prohibit generation of large-scale magnetic field by the two most prominent dynamo mechanisms: the magnetic α-effect and negative… Expand
Pointwise vanishing helicity of the flow velocity does not preclude magnetic field generation.
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Pointwise vanishing velocity helicity of a flow does not preclude magnetic field generation.
Numerical evidences are presented that flows constructed as curls of analytically defined space-periodic steady solenoidal flows can generate both small-scale magnetic fields as well as, by the magnetic α-effect or negative eddy diffusivity mechanisms, large-scale ones. Expand
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