Magnetic electroanatomical mapping for ablation of focal atrial tachycardias.

  title={Magnetic electroanatomical mapping for ablation of focal atrial tachycardias.},
  author={Francis E Marchlinski and David J. Callans and Charles D. Gottlieb and Enrique Rodriguez and Robert F. Coyne and D. A. Kleinman},
  journal={Pacing and clinical electrophysiology : PACE},
  volume={21 8},
Uniform success for ablation of focal atrial tachycardias has been difficult to achieve using standard catheter mapping and ablation techniques. In addition, our understanding of the complex relationship between atrial anatomy, electrophysiology, and surface ECG P wave morphology remains primitive. The magnetic electroanatomical mapping and display system (CARTO) offers an on-line display of electrical activation and/or signal amplitude related to the anatomical location of the recorded sites… CONTINUE READING


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