Magnetic dephasing in mesoscopic spin glasses.

  title={Magnetic dephasing in mesoscopic spin glasses.},
  author={Thibaut Capron and Guillaume Forestier and Angela Perrat-Mabilon and Christophe Peaucelle and Tristan Meunier and Christopher B{\"a}uerle and Laurent P. L{\'e}vy and David Carpentier and Laurent Saminadayar},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={111 18},
We have measured universal conductance fluctuations in the metallic spin glass Ag:Mn as a function of temperature and magnetic field. From this measurement, we can access the phase coherence time of the electrons in the spin glass. We show that this phase coherence time increases with both the inverse of the temperature and the magnetic field. From this, we deduce that decoherence mechanisms are still active even deep in the spin glass phase. 

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