Magnetic colloidosomes fabricated by Fe3O4–SiO2 hetero-nanorods†

  title={Magnetic colloidosomes fabricated by Fe3O4–SiO2 hetero-nanorods†},
  author={Lu Zhang and Fan Zhang and Yan Wang and Yun-Lu Sun and Wenfei Dong and Jun-feng Song and Qi-sheng Huo and H. Sun},
Magnetic colloidosomes were fabricated by directing self-assembly of magnetic-mesoporous heteronanorods at the interface of water-in-oil droplets. Emulsions stabilized by the adsorbed particles without any surfactant indicate that such rod-like nanoparticles have specific advantages in making stable and intact shells than spherical particles. The integrity and emulsion stability of the colloidosomes were strongly influenced by the geometric shape of the hetero-nanorods. The optimum length of… CONTINUE READING