Magnetic and pulsational variability of Przybylski’s star (HD 101065)

  title={Magnetic and pulsational variability of Przybylski’s star (HD 101065)},
  author={S. Hubrig and S. Jarvinen and J. Madej and V. Bychkov and I. Ilyin and M. Scholler and L. Bychkova},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
Since its discovery more than half a century ago Przybylski's star (HD101065) continues to excite the astronomical community by the unusual nature of its spectrum, exhibiting exotic element abundances. This star was also the first magnetic chemically peculiar A-type star for which the presence of rapid oscillations was established. Our analysis of newly acquired and historic longitudinal magnetic field measurements indicates that Przybylski's star is also unusual with respect to its extremely… Expand
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