• Materials Science, Engineering
  • Published in Other Conferences 1990
  • DOI:10.1117/12.20259

Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of bismuth-substituted gadolinium iron garnets

  title={Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of bismuth-substituted gadolinium iron garnets},
  author={Matthieu Guillot and Henry Le Gall and M. Artinian},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
The Faraday Rotation (FR) and the magnetic properties of single crystals Gadolinium-Bismuth Iron Garnets are investigated in the temperature range covering the magnetic ordering domain. The temperature and Bi content dependences of FR are reported at 1. 15 micron wavelength. These results are compared to the FR induced by lighter rare earth (Ce Nd Pr) substitutions. At room temperature a large increasing of the M. O. efficiency is observed. I - 


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