Magnetic Navigation Control of Microagents in the Vascular Network: Challenges and Strategies for Endovascular Magnetic Navigation Control of Microscale Drug Delivery Carriers

  title={Magnetic Navigation Control of Microagents in the Vascular Network: Challenges and Strategies for Endovascular Magnetic Navigation Control of Microscale Drug Delivery Carriers},
  author={Sylvain Martel},
  journal={IEEE Control Systems},
Although navigation control has been applied in a multitude of environments, relatively little is known about the challenges and issues of navigation control in the vascular network. In an adult human, the vascular network consists of nearly 100,000 km of blood vessels, with diameters ranging from a few millimeters in the artery to just a few micrometers in the capillaries, and blood flow rates ranging from a few tens of centimeters per second to a few millimeters per second. Although vascular… CONTINUE READING

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