Magnetic Micro/Nano Structures for Biological Manipulation

  title={Magnetic Micro/Nano Structures for Biological Manipulation},
  author={Chen-Yu Huang and Tengfu Hsieh and Wei-Chieh Chang and Kun-Chieh Yeh and Ming-Shinn Hsu and Ching-Ray Chang and Jiann-Yeu Chen and Zung-Hang Wei},
Biomanipulation based on micro/nano structures is an attractive approach for biotechnology. To manipulate biological systems by magnetic forces, the magnetic labeling technology utilized magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) as a common rule. Ferrofluid, well-dispersed MNPs, can be used for magnetic modification of the surface or as molds to form organized microstructures. For magnetic-based micro/nano structures, different methods to modulate magnetic field at the microscale have been developed… CONTINUE READING