Magnetic Helices in Ba-(TiCo)-Ferrite Determined by the RXMS Method

  title={Magnetic Helices in Ba-(TiCo)-Ferrite Determined by the RXMS Method},
  author={Maki Okube and S. Yu. Ohsawa and Takeshi Toyoda and Takeharu Mori and Satoshi Sasaki and Photon Factory},
Introduction The crystal structure of hexagonal M-type barium ferrite BaFe12O19 has a sequence of spinel fcc blocks of (Fe6O8) 2+ and hcp blocks of (BaFe6O11) , where there are a tetrahedral 4f1, a bipyramidal 2b, octahedral 2a, 4f2 and 12k sites. Although the magnetism is strongly uniaxial along the c axis [1], the substitution of Fe ions by different-valence ions such as Ti and Co results in the reduction of the axial anisotropy [2,3]. Since the substitution weakens the anisotropy, we aim to… CONTINUE READING

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J. G. Albanese
  • PF Act. Rep. 25B,
  • 2008