Magnetic-Field Dependence of Effective Plasma Frequency for a Plasma Photonic Crystal

  title={Magnetic-Field Dependence of Effective Plasma Frequency for a Plasma Photonic Crystal},
  author={Tzu-Chyang King and Wen-Kai Kuo and Tzong-Jer Yang and Tingting Bian and C Wu},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Journal},
The effective plasma frequency in a photonic crystal (PC) is defined as the lowest frequency at which electromagnetic wave can start to propagate through the PC. In this paper, we theoretically investigate the effective plasma frequency fp, eff for a magnetized 1-D plasma PC (PPC). The PPC is made of two constituents, i.e., the plasma and the dielectric material like quartz. The effective plasma frequency in a PPC is obtained based on the calculated photonic band structure (PBS). It is found… CONTINUE READING
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