Magnetic Field Analysis Using Voxel Modeling With Nonconforming Technique

  title={Magnetic Field Analysis Using Voxel Modeling With Nonconforming Technique},
  author={Shunya Odawara and Yanhui Gao and Kazuhiro Muramatsu and Takuji Okitsu and Daiki Matsuhashi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
To establish a large-scale magnetic field analysis, the magnetic field analysis with the voxel modeling is investigated. To reduce the number of elements, the nonconforming technique is introduced. The accuracy of flux densities, eddy current densities, and forces obtained from the nonconforming voxel modeling is verified by comparing with those obtained from the ordinary voxel modeling in a simple 2-D model. Moreover, the proposed method is applied to a 3-D eddy current model as well as to a 2… CONTINUE READING