[Magnesium sulfate in management of bronchial asthma].


The effect of magnesium sulfate aerosol (osmolality of the solution 260 mmol/l, pH 6.6) on bronchial sensitivity and reactivity to acetylcholine (AC) and graded exercise as well as bronchial permeability measured by general plethysmography and pneumotaxography were evaluated in 49 patients with mild and moderate bronchial asthma (BA). When compared to placebo, magnesium sulfate (MS) inhalations performed at the stage of attenuating exacerbation, improved immediate and long-term response of patients with atopic and effort BA. In this disease, both single and course doses of MS reduced nonspecific bronchial hyperreactivity and secretory activity of mast cells. A positive trend in the parameters of AC provocative test predicted efficacy of MS treatment in the majority of BA sufferers.

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