Magnesium regulates ADP dissociation from myosin V.

  title={Magnesium regulates ADP dissociation from myosin V.},
  author={Steven S. Rosenfeld and Anne Houdusse and H Lee Sweeney},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 7},
Processivity in myosin V is mediated through the mechanical strain that results when both heads bind strongly to an actin filament, and this strain regulates the timing of ADP release. However, what is not known is which steps that lead to ADP release are affected by this mechanical strain. Answering this question will require determining which of the several potential pathways myosin V takes in the process of ADP release and how actin influences the kinetics of these pathways. We have… CONTINUE READING
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Magnesium Regulates ADP Dissociation from Myosin V 6079 at K A N A Z

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