Magnesium metabolism

  title={Magnesium metabolism},
  author={M. Walser},
  journal={Ergebnisse der Physiologie Biologischen Chemie und Experimentellen Pharmakologie},
  • M. Walser
  • Published 1967
  • Medicine
  • Ergebnisse der Physiologie Biologischen Chemie und Experimentellen Pharmakologie

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Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis defines roles for two metal ions in DNA polymerase specificity and catalysis
Molecular dynamics simulations support the two-metal ion mechanism and the kinetic data indicating weak binding of the catalytic Mg2+ are revealed, enlighten the roles of the two metal ions in the specificity of DNA polymerases. Expand
Electrolyte disorders in cancer patients: a systematic review
An analysis of the pathophysiological mechanisms of electrolyte abnormalities in cancer patients to facilitate their identification, management, and therapy to improve patient outcome is provided. Expand
Magnesaemia in dialysis patients - the unappreciated feature of mineral metabolism
Though mild hypermagnesaemia appears of no consequences to the dialysis patients’ health, and even could be protective, the lack of large interventional clinical trials does not allow magnesium supplementation to increase its level above normal with an intention to prevent vascular calcification and reduce mortality. Expand
Hypomagnesemia, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular mortality: Pronounced association but unproven causation
A thorough review of the current literature indicates that low magnesium levels in dialysis patients may reflect a poorer nutritional status and/or are the result of systemic inflammation. Expand
Magnesium in Chronic Kidney Disease
Background: Magnesium ion is critical for life and is integrally involved in cellular function and a key component of normal bone mineral. In health, the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and bone areExpand
Magnesium in Chronic Kidney Disease: Unanswered Questions
While observational and small randomized trials suggest that exogenous administration may be useful as a phosphate binder and may have protective cardiovascular effects in terms of both arrhythmias and vascular calcification, large randomized trials are needed to test these hypotheses. Expand
Magnesium transporter AtMGT9 is essential for pollen development in Arabidopsis
The results demonstrate that AtMGT9 functions as a low-affinity Mg2+ transporter that plays a crucial role in male gametophyte development and male fertility. Expand
The effects of streneous exercise on intramuscular magnesium concentrations and muscle metabolism
P magnetic resonance spectroscopy (P MRS) has been used to measure phosphorous containing compounds in skeletal muscle. Perhaps the most established use has been to measure muscle oxidativeExpand
3H-Inulin and electrolyte concentrations in Bowman's capsule in rat kidney
For Na, Cl and P artificial and glomerular ultrafiltration produced identical results, on the other hand, for Ca and to a lesser extent for Mg and K ions, artificialUltrafiltration did not accurately reflect the true glomersular ultrafiltrate composition. Expand
Effects of acute ethanol intoxication, chronic ethanol intoxication, and ethanol withdrawal on magnesium and calcium metabolism in the rat
It was concluded that no etiological role can presently be ascribed to the magnesium ion as far as cerebral signs of ethanol intoxication and withdrawal in the rat are concerned. Expand