Magma plumbing beneath Anak Krakatau volcano, Indonesia: evidence for multiple magma storage regions

  title={Magma plumbing beneath Anak Krakatau volcano, Indonesia: evidence for multiple magma storage regions},
  author={B Dahr{\'e}n and Valentin R. Troll and Ulf Bertil Andersson and Jane P. Chadwick and M{\`a}iri F. Gardner and K Jaxybulatov and Ivan Koulakov},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
Understanding magma plumbing is essential for predicting the behaviour of explosive volcanoes. We investigate magma plumbing at the highly active Anak Krakatau volcano (Indonesia), situated on the rim of the 1883 Krakatau caldera by employing a suite of thermobarometric models. These include clinopyroxene-melt thermobarometry, plagioclase-melt thermobarometry, clinopyroxene composition barometry and olivine-melt thermometry. Petrological studies have previously identified shallow magma storage… 
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