Magainin II modified polydiacetylene micelles for cancer therapy.

  title={Magainin II modified polydiacetylene micelles for cancer therapy.},
  author={Danling Yang and Rongfeng Zou and Yu Zhu and Ben Liu and Defan Yao and Juanjuan Jiang and Junchen Wu and He Tian},
  volume={6 24},
Polydiacetylene (PDA) micelles have been widely used to deliver anticancer drugs in the treatment of a variety of tumours and for imaging living cells. In this study, we developed an effective strategy to directly conjugate magainin II (MGN-II) to the surface of PDA micelles using a fluorescent dye. These stable and well-defined PDA micelles had high cytotoxicity in cancer cell lines, and were able to reduce the tumour size in mice. The modified PDA micelles improved the anticancer effects of… CONTINUE READING