Mafic volcaniclastic deposits in flood basalt provinces : A review

  title={Mafic volcaniclastic deposits in flood basalt provinces : A review},
  author={P.-S. Rossa and I. Ukstins Peateb and M. K. McClintocka and Yechun Xuc and I. P. Skillingd and J. D. L. Whitea and B. F. Houghtone},
  • P.-S. Rossa, I. Ukstins Peateb, +4 authors B. F. Houghtone
  • Published 2005
Flood volcanic provinces are assumed generally to consist exclusively of thick lavas and shallow intrusive rocks (mostly sills), with any pyroclastic rocks limited to silicic compositions. However, mafic volcaniclastic deposits (MVDs) exist in many provinces, and the eruptions that formed such deposits are potentially meaningful in terms of potential atmospheric impacts and links with mass extinctions. The province where MVDs are the most voluminous—the Siberian Traps—is also the one temporally… CONTINUE READING


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