Maeshowe: The Application of RTI to Norse Runes (Data Paper)

  title={Maeshowe: The Application of RTI to Norse Runes (Data Paper)},
  author={Nicole Smith and Gareth Beale and Julian D. Richards and Nela Scholma-Mason},
  journal={Internet Archaeology},

Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) Investigation of Engraved Chalk Plaques from the Stonehenge Region

Newly discovered and previously documented Late Neolithic chalk plaques from the Stonehenge locality have been subjected to new, non-invasive techniques which allow access to previously unseen

Computational Photography, 3-D Modeling, and Online Publication of Basketry for Cache Cave, California

Results indicate that the proposed methodology, which incorporates reflectance transformation imaging visualizations and photogrammetric 3-D models, is a useful addition to the basketry analysis toolkit.