Maedi-visna in sheep: host-virus interactions and utilization as a model.

  title={Maedi-visna in sheep: host-virus interactions and utilization as a model.},
  author={Gudmundur P{\'e}tursson and P{\'a}ll A. P{\'a}lsson and Gudmundur Georgsson},
  volume={30 Suppl 1},
Controlled animal experiments with the ovine maedi-visna virus, the prototype lentivirus, have been carried out for almost 40 years. This non-oncogenic virus leads to a life-long, persistent infection with slow development of lesions in the lungs and in the central nervous system. The virus is present in many cells in a DNA provirus state and its replication and expression is highly restricted in vivo. The basic biological features of maedi-visna virus are quite similar to those of HIV and this… CONTINUE READING

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