Madame de Staël and the Transformation of European Politics, 1812–17

  title={Madame de Sta{\"e}l and the Transformation of European Politics, 1812–17},
  author={Glenda Sluga},
  journal={The International History Review},
  pages={142 - 166}
  • Glenda Sluga
  • Published 1 January 2015
  • Political Science
  • The International History Review
What place do women have in international history? This article approaches the chronic uncertainty surrounding this question through an examination of the role of one woman, Germaine de Staël (1766–1817), in the processes of peace-making that Paul W. Schroeder has described in his landmark study The Transformation of European Politics as ‘the decisive turning point’ in the transformation of ‘the governing rules, norms, and practices of international politics’. The author argues that Staël's… 

Women and the History of International Thought

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    International Studies Quarterly
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Existing surveys and anthologies wrongly convey the impression that women in the past did not think seriously about international politics. This article provides evidence of the magnitude of the

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    A Short History of Police and Policing
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This chapter looks at other parts of the world that were mainly absorbed into European empires and what this meant for their experience of policing. Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century colonists

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Given the current challenges to European unity, in particular Russian aggression in Ukraine and dissent in the European Union over economic policy toward Greece, Europeans should remember that, two


On 29 November 1814, the Austrian Emperor Francis, the Russian Tsar Alexander, and the Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm, along with 6,000 others, attended a concert in Vienna's Redouten Hall;

Representing Russia: Luxury and Diplomacy at the Razumovsky Palace in Vienna, 1803–1815

ABSTRACT: This essay explores the role of luxury in the social and diplomatic life of Count Andrey Razumovsky (1752–1836), Russian ambassador to Austria during the Napoleonic Wars. Focusing on

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Abstract This article analyses the early international thought of Trinidad-born Marxist journalist Claudia Jones. We focus on a neglected aspect of Jones's intellectual production in the United


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Women, Salons, and the State in the Aftermath of the French Revolution

Historians have generally accepted the argument that the salon culture through which women participated in the public sphere of eighteenth-century France faded in the 1780s, foreshadowing and

`Heroic Virgins' and `Bellicose Amazons': Armed Women, the Gender Order and the German Public during and after the Anti-Napoleonic Wars

In Prussian-German history, the period of the Anti-Napoleonic Wars between 1806 and 1815 is central for the formation of a national political culture. These wars accelerated and intensified the

Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis

TH1OSE WHO WOULD CODIFY THE MEANINGS OF WORDS fight a losing battle, for words, like the ideas and things they are mneant to signify, have a history. Neither Oxford dons nor the Academie FranUaise

Byron's "Corbeau Blanc": The Life and Letters of Lady Melbourne

"What famous letters your own are . . . I never saw such traits of discernment, observation of character, knowledge of your own sex, and sly concealment of your knowledge of the foibles of ours,"

Deux origines du courant libéral en France

Cet article etudie l’evolution politique du Groupe de Coppet et des ideologues entre les annees 1770 et 1830. Les deux groupes s’engagent dans la politique revolutionnaire des 1789. La periode entre

Selections from the correspondence of the first Lord Acton

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Sentiments of Travel

  • Madame de Sta€el on Sweden’,Moderna Sprak, xc, no
  • 1996

emoires du duc de Rovigo, pour servir a l’histoire de l’empereur

  • Napol eon, iii. 95 (Accessed at,
  • 2013