Mad About Pyramids

  title={Mad About Pyramids},
  author={John Bohannon},
  pages={1718 - 1720}
ARCHAEOLOGYSARAJEVO-- With the violent 1990s behind them, archaeologists in Bosnia hoped they would receive more support for academic research; instead, they are being pushed aside by amateurs. ([Read more][1].) [1]: 
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Contested cultural heritage: A selective historiography

Although “contested cultural heritage” has not always been specified in these words, the concept has been cogently present for at least 25 years in anthropology, archaeology, history, geography,

Contested cultural heritage: Religion, nationalism, erasure, and exclusion in a global world

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Life inhabits rocks: clues to rock erosion from electron microscopy of pisolite at a UNESCO heritage site in Brazil

Rock erosion is attracting increasing attention from scientists worldwide. The area encompassing the Saint John Baptist Church, Saint John Village, XVII century ruins in Rio Grande do Sul at the