Macular automatic fundus perimetry threshold versus standard perimetry threshold.

  title={Macular automatic fundus perimetry threshold versus standard perimetry threshold.},
  author={Edoardo Midena and Pietro Paolo Radin and Enrica Convento and Fabiano Cavarzeran},
  journal={European journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={17 1},
PURPOSE To evaluate if retinal sensitivity threshold obtained with an automatic fundus perimeter may be compared with a standard perimeter retinal threshold. METHODS Automatic full-threshold fundus perimetry (microperimetry) of the macular area (10 degrees grid, 37 stimulated points) was quantified with a new automatic fundus perimeter (MP1 microperimeter) in nine normal subjects (18 eyes). Retinal threshold was also quantified using an identical grid projected with a standard Octopus 101… CONTINUE READING

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