Macula densa und granulierte Zellen des juxtaglomerulären Apparates bei experimentellem Drosselungshochdruck

  title={Macula densa und granulierte Zellen des juxtaglomerul{\"a}ren Apparates bei experimentellem Drosselungshochdruck},
  author={Urs A. Schneider and Wolfgang Thoenes},
  journal={Virchows Archiv A},
Clamping of the left renal artery (duration of clamping 8 to 187 days) in 39 Sprague-Dawley rats of both sexes caused renal hypertension with maximum values ranging from 145 to 215 mm Hg. Paraffin sections of the kidneys of the experimental animals and 21 controls were stained with Pearse's technique; semithin sections stained with silver-methenamine were… CONTINUE READING