Macroscopic manifestation of domain-wall magnetism and magnetoelectric effect in a Néel-type skyrmion host

  title={Macroscopic manifestation of domain-wall magnetism and magnetoelectric effect in a N{\'e}el-type skyrmion host},
  author={Korbinian Geirhos and Boris Gross and Bertalan Gyorgy Szigeti and Andrea Mehlin and S. Philipp and Jonathan S. White and Robert Cubitt and Sebastian Widmann and S Ghara and Peter Lunkenheimer and V. Tsurkan and Erik Neuber and Dmytro Ivaneyko and Peter Milde and Lukas M. Eng and Andrey O. Leonov and S{\'a}ndor Bord{\'a}cs and Martino Poggio and Istv{\'a}n K{\'e}zsm{\'a}rki},
  journal={npj Quantum Materials},
We report a magnetic state in GaV 4 Se 8 which emerges exclusively in samples with mesoscale polar domains and not in polar mono-domain crystals. It is manifested by a sharp anomaly in the magnetic susceptibility and the magnetic torque, distinct from other anomalies observed also in polar mono-domain samples upon transitions between the cycloidal, the Néel-type skyrmion lattice and the ferromagnetic states. We ascribe this additional transition to the transformation of distinct magnetic… 

Slowdown of photoexcited spin dynamics in the non-collinear spin-ordered phases in skyrmion host GaV4S8

Formation of magnetic order alters the character of spin excitations, which then affects transport properties. We investigate the photoexcited ultrafast spin dynamics in different magnetic phases in

Squeezing the periodicity of Néel-type magnetic modulations by enhanced Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction of 4d electrons

In polar magnets, such as GaV 4 S 8 , GaV 4 Se 8 and VOSe 2 O 5 , modulated magnetic phases namely the cycloidal and the Néel-type skyrmion lattice states were identified over extended temperature

How Correlations and Spin-Orbit Coupling Work within Extended Orbitals of Transition-Metal Tetrahedra of 4d/5d Lacunar Spinels.

Spin-orbit quartet ground states are associated with rich phenomenology, ranging from multipolar phases in f1 rare-earth borides to magnetism emerging through covalency and vibronic couplings in d1

Manipulation of Skyrmion Motion Dynamics for Logical Device Application Mediated by Inhomogeneous Magnetic Anisotropy

Magnetic skyrmions are promising potential information carriers for future spintronic devices owing to their nanoscale size, non-volatility and high mobility. In this work, we demonstrate the

Nuclear and Electron Spin Resonance Studies on Skyrmion‐Hosting Lacunar Spinels

Magnetic resonance techniques at nuclei and electrons are applied to characterize the electronic structure and collective magnetic excitations throughout the magnetic phase diagrams of the lacunar

Vital role of magnetocrystalline anisotropy in cubic chiral skyrmion hosts

Magnetic anisotropy is anticipated to govern the formation of exotic spin textures reported recently in cubic chiral magnets, like low-temperature tilted conical and skyrmion lattice (SkL) states and



Lattice dynamics and electronic excitations in a large family of lacunar spinels with a breathing pyrochlore lattice structure

Reproducing the electronic structure of $A{M}_{4}{X}_{8}$ lacunar spinels with a breathing pyrochlore lattice is a great theoretical challenge due to the interplay of various factors. The character

Electric-field-induced switching dynamics of cycloidal spins in multiferroic BiFeO3: phase-field simulations

A phase-field model is developed to describe polarization and cycloidal antiferromagnetic orders in BiFeO3. From symmetry argument and phase-field simulations, we identify and calculate 12 types of

Electric and antiferromagnetic chiral textures at multiferroic domain walls

The presence of periodic chiral antiferromagnetic objects along the domain walls as well as a priori energetically unfavourable chiral ferroelectric domain walls is revealed and the mechanisms underlying their formation are discussed.

Squeezing Magnetic Modulations by Enhanced Spin-Orbit Coupling of 4d Electrons in the Polar Semiconductor GaMo$_4$S$_8$

In polar magnets with axial symmetry, such as GaV$_4$S$_8$, GaV$_4$Se$_8$ and VOSe$_2$O$_5$, the Neel-type skyrmion lattice state, formed by the superposition of cycloidal modulations, was found

Electronic and Structural Instabilities in GaV4S8 and GaMo4S8

GaV4S8 was prepared by direct heating of the elements at 1123 K. The crystal structures were refined from single-crystal data at room temperature (RT-GaV4S8, GaMo4S8-type, F43m, a = 9.661(1) A, Z =

Imaging the electronic Wigner crystal in one dimension

These experiments provide the direct evidence for the formation of small Wigner crystals and open the way for studying other fragile interacting states by imaging their many-body density in real space.

Synthesizing a ν=2/3 fractional quantum Hall effect edge state from counter-propagating ν=1 and ν=1/3 states

The authors observe the edge-mode equilibration transition that was predicted for the ν=2/3 fractional quantum Hall state, and present an approach to synthetize a v = 2/ 3 edge mode from its basic counter-propagating charged constituents, allowing a controlled equilibrations between the two counter- Propagating charge modes.

Thermodynamically stable skyrmion lattice at low temperatures in a bulk crystal of lacunar spinel GaV 4 Se 8

The magnetic field--temperature ($H\ensuremath{-}T$) phase diagram of a lacunar spinel ${\mathrm{GaV}}_{4}{\mathrm{Se}}_{8}$ is determined by means of ac magnetic susceptibility and magnetoelectric

Lattice modes and the Jahn-Teller ferroelectric transition of GaV4S8

J. Hlinka,1,* F. Borodavka,1 I. Rafalovskyi,1 Z. Docekalova,1 J. Pokorny,1 I. Gregora,1 V. Tsurkan,2,3 H. Nakamura,4 F. Mayr,2 C. A. Kuntscher,5 A. Loidl,2 S. Bordács,6 D. Szaller,6 H.-J. Lee,7 J. H.