Macroscopic electrical propagation in the guinea pig urinary bladder.

  title={Macroscopic electrical propagation in the guinea pig urinary bladder.},
  author={Fayez T Hammad and Betty Stephen and Loay Lubbad and John F. B. Morrison and Wim J. E. P. Lammers},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Renal physiology},
  volume={307 2},
There is little knowledge about macroscopic electrical propagation in the wall of the urinary bladder. Recording simultaneously from a large number of extracellular electrodes is one technology that could be used to study the patterns of macroscopic electrical propagations. The urinary bladders from 14 guinea pigs were isolated and placed in an organ bath. A 16 × 4-electrode array was positioned at various sites on the serosal bladder surface, and recordings were performed at different… CONTINUE READING