Macroscopic and microscopic mechanical behaviors of climbing tendrils

  title={Macroscopic and microscopic mechanical behaviors of climbing tendrils},
  author={Qiuyao Guo and Jian Jun Dong and Ying Liu and Xiao Hui Xu and Qinghua Qin and Jun Sheng Wang},
  journal={Acta Mechanica Sinica},
Tendril-bearing climbing plants must recur to the tendril helices with chiral perversion or dual chirality for climbing and to obtain sun exposure. Despite researchers’ prolonged fascination with climbing tendrils since Darwin’s time and even earlier, why the soft and slender tendrils can bear heavy loads such as the self-weight of a plant or additional load caused by rain remains elusive. In this paper, we take towel gourd tendrils as an example and investigate the macroscopic and microscopic… CONTINUE READING