Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update

  title={Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update},
  author={R. Kaltenbaek and M. Aspelmeyer and P. Barker and Angelo Bassi and James Bateman and K. Bongs and Sougato Bose and C. Braxmaier and {\vC}. Brukner and B. Christophe and M. Chwalla and P. Cohadon and Adrian Michael Cruise and C. Curceanu and K. Dholakia and L. Di{\'o}si and Klaus D{\"o}ringshoff and W. Ertmer and J. Gieseler and N. G{\"u}rlebeck and G. Hechenblaikner and A. Heidmann and S. Herrmann and S. Hossenfelder and U. Johann and N. Kiesel and M. Kim and C. L{\"a}mmerzahl and A. Lambrecht and M. Mazilu and G. Milburn and H. Mueller and L. Novotn{\'y} and M. Paternostro and A. Peters and I. Pikovski and Andr{\'e} Pilan Zanoni and E. Rasel and S. Reynaud and C. Riedel and M. Rodrigues and L. Rondin and A. Roura and W. Schleich and J. Schmiedmayer and T. Schuldt and Keith C Schwab and M. Tajmar and Guglielmo M Tino and H. Ulbricht and R. Ursin and V. Vedral},
  journal={EPJ Quantum Technology},
  • R. Kaltenbaek, M. Aspelmeyer, +49 authors V. Vedral
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • EPJ Quantum Technology
  • Do the laws of quantum physics still hold for macroscopic objects - this is at the heart of Schrödinger’s cat paradox - or do gravitation or yet unknown effects set a limit for massive particles? What is the fundamental relation between quantum physics and gravity? Ground-based experiments addressing these questions may soon face limitations due to limited free-fall times and the quality of vacuum and microgravity. The proposed mission Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO) may overcome these… CONTINUE READING
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