Macrophages related to dental implant failure.


PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate, histologically and quantitatively, the presence of macrophages loaded with metallic particles in the periimplant soft tissues of failed titanium (Ti) dental implants. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was performed on sections of metallic Ti implants embedded in methyl methacrylate resin that exhibited macrophages in the soft tissues contiguous with the implant. The volume of periimplant soft tissue was evaluated, and the number of macrophages was determined. The particles within macrophages were analyzed by energy-dispersive x-ray analysis. RESULTS Macrophages were more abundant in the zone adjacent to the metallic implant as compared with the zone further away from the implant. Energy-dispersive x-ray analysis revealed the presence of Ti within macrophages. CONCLUSIONS Macrophages loaded with Ti particles can be associated with a corrosion process. The method proposed would allow for the objective evaluation of the presence of macrophages associated with dental implants and other orthopedic materials that contain Ti or other metals.

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