Macrophage-induced angiogenesis is mediated by tumour necrosis factor-α

  title={Macrophage-induced angiogenesis is mediated by tumour necrosis factor-α},
  author={Samuel Joseph Leibovich and Peter J. Polverini and Harold Michael Shepard and David M. Wiseman and Vera P Shively and Nureddin Nuseir},
Macrophages are important in the induction of new blood vessel growth during wound repair, inflammation and tumour growth1–4. We show here that tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), a secretory product of activated macrophages that is believed to mediate tumour cytotoxicity5–9, is a potent inducer of new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis). In vivo, TNF-α induces capillary blood vessel formation in the rat cornea and the developing chick chorioallantoic membrane at very low doses. In vitro, TNF… CONTINUE READING
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