Macronutrients and caloric intake in health and longevity.

  title={Macronutrients and caloric intake in health and longevity.},
  author={Samantha M. Solon-Biet and Sarah Jayne Mitchell and Rafael de Cabo and David Raubenheimer and David G. Le Couteur and Stephen James Simpson},
  journal={The Journal of endocrinology},
  volume={226 1},
Both lifespan and healthspan are influenced by nutrition, with nutritional interventions proving to be robust across a wide range of species. However, the relationship between nutrition, health and aging is still not fully understood. Caloric restriction is the most studied dietary intervention known to extend life in many organisms, but recently the balance of macronutrients has been shown to play a critical role. In this review, we discuss the current understanding regarding the impact of… 

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Dietary Restriction and Nutrient Balance in Aging

New evidences revealed that nutritional balance of dietary components without food restriction increases lifespan and is of great importance to fully comprehend the interplay between diet and humans health.

New Horizons: Dietary protein, ageing and the Okinawan ratio.

It is shown that animals with ad libitum access to low-protein, high-carbohydrate diets have longest lifespans, and the optimum content and ratio of dietary protein to carbohydrates for ageing in experimental animals are almost identical to those in the traditional diets of the long-lived people on the island of Okinawa.

Dietary protein, aging and nutritional geometry

Nutrients and Pathways that Regulate Health Span and Life Span

A summary of the main molecular mechanisms by which different nutritional conditions, i.e., specific nutrient abundance or restriction, may affect health span and life span is provided.

Protein Quantity and Source, Fasting-Mimicking Diets, and Longevity

Research on the impact of protein restriction on health and longevity in model organisms is summarized and the implementation of an FMD in mice and in human clinical trials and its effects on biomarkers of healthy aging are discussed.

Carbohydrates as Nutritional Components for Health and Longevity

Both quality and quantity of carbohydrates notably modifies health, aging, and longevity.

The nutrition for healthy living study: A randomised clinical trial assessing the effect of protein sources on healthy ageing

Assessing the main and interactive effects of two macronutrient interventions in a 2 × 2 factorial dietary design to determine their effects on appetite and health outcomes in older individuals will help determine whether protein-source (plant vs animal) and fat to carbohydrate ratio have an impact on predictors of healthy ageing.

The ups and downs of caloric restriction and fasting: from molecular effects to clinical application

Key concepts and differences in CR‐mimicking interventions in humans are summarized, including intermittent fasting, time‐restricted eating, and macronutrient modulation.

Lifelong restriction of dietary branched-chain amino acids has sex-specific benefits for frailty and lifespan in mice

It is demonstrated that restricting dietary BCAAs increases the survival of two different progeroid mouse models, delays frailty and promotes the metabolic health of wild-type C57BL/6J mice when started in midlife, and suggests that reducing dietary B CAAs may hold potential as a translatable intervention to promote healthy aging.



Macronutrient balance and lifespan

It is argued that the key determinant of the relationship between diet and longevity is the balance of protein to non-protein energy ingested, which affects not only lifespan, but also total energy intake, metabolism, immunity and the likelihood of developing obesity and associated metabolic disorders.

Dietary restriction and aging: a unifying perspective.

Calorie restriction, SIRT1 and metabolism: understanding longevity

Recent findings that are beginning to clarify the mechanisms by which CR results in longevity and robust health, which might open new avenues of therapy for diseases of ageing are summarized.

Calorie Restriction in Mammals and Simple Model Organisms

The comprehension of the mechanisms underpinning these findings is crucial since it may increase the beneficial effects of calorie restriction making it accessible to a broader population as well.

Dietary interventions to extend life span and health span based on calorie restriction.

This review covers some of the more promising interventions targeted to affect pathways implicated in the aging process as well as variations on classical CR that may be better suited to human adaptation.

Caloric restriction and aging revisited: the need for a geometric analysis of the nutritional bases of aging.

The conclusion is that Drosophila provides the most suitable system for an initial study of the relationship between nutrition and aging, and the development of state-space geometric models, the Geometric Framework, is introduced.

Dietary composition specifies consumption, obesity, and lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster

The data reveal that diet composition, alone and in combination with overall caloric intake, modulates lifespan, consumption, and fat deposition in flies, and they provide a useful foundation for dissecting the underlying genetic mechanisms that link specific nutrients with important aspects of general health and longevity.

Branched-chain amino acids, mitochondrial biogenesis, and healthspan: an evolutionary perspective

Observations from human studies supporting the exciting hypothesis that dietary BCAA enriched mixture supplementation might be a health-promoting strategy in aged patients at risk are summarized.