Macrocyclic Core of Salarin C: Synthesis and Oxidation.

  title={Macrocyclic Core of Salarin C: Synthesis and Oxidation.},
  author={Jan-Niklas Sch{\"a}ckermann and Thomas Lindel},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={20 21},
The synthesis of the macrocyclic core of the cytotoxic natural product salarin C from the sponge Fascaplysinopsis sp. is described, with the two epoxides being replaced by alkene moieties. In the key step, ring-closing metathesis exclusively afforded the ( E)-product. NOESY-based conformational analysis of the macrolactone showed that the oxazole ring and its unsaturated side chains are located in a common plane. Mimicking the conversion of salarin C to salarin A, the trisubstituted oxazole… CONTINUE READING

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