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Macrobrachium macrobrachion (Herklots, 1851) morphology and abundance in Luubara creek, Ogoni land, Niger Delta, Nigeria.

  title={Macrobrachium macrobrachion (Herklots, 1851) morphology and abundance in Luubara creek, Ogoni land, Niger Delta, Nigeria.},
  author={Suanu Deekae and Jasper Freeborn Nestor Abowei and Awoteinm Dateme Isaiah George},
Macrobrachium macrobrachion morphology and abundance in Luubara creek, of Ogoni Land, in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria was studied for a period of two years (January, 2006 to December, 2007). It was not different from other Macrobrachium species. The body is divided into three main divisions: the head, thorax and abdomen. The head and thorax are joined to form a cephalothorax, containing the mandibles, flagella, rostrum and the eyes containing a stalk containing five pairs of walking legs… 

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