Macro nutrient composition in selected seasonings used in Nigeria

  title={Macro nutrient composition in selected seasonings used in Nigeria},
  author={Ayobami Omozemoje Aigberua and Koru Joe Alagoa and Sylvester Chibueze Izah},
  journal={MOJ Food Processing \& Technology},
This study evaluated the level of macro nutrients in some selected seasonings used in Nigeria. Replicate samples of 13 brands/products of seasonings were purchased in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The samples were processed and analyzed. The results showed 56.59-4203.06 mg/kg potassium, 348.56-1825.54mg/kg sodium, 12.35-234.72mg/kg magnesium and 4.85-245.50 mg/kg calcium. Analysis of variance showed significant variation (P<0.05) among the different brands/products for each of the macro nutrients… 

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