[Macro-aspartate aminotransferase in a patient with chronic hepatitis C].


Macroenzymes are normal enzymes complexed with an immunoglobulin (usually IgG, rarely IgA or IgM). A number of macroenzymes have been reported in the literature. Among them, macro-AST has been detected in diseases such as acute and chronic hepatitis, various malignancies and autoimmune diseases, but usually not associated with any specific disease. We report a case of elevated AST activity in serum due to marco-AST formation in a female with chronic hepatitis C which was confirmed by AST isoenzyme electrophoresis. To our knowledge, this is the first report of macro-AST occurred in chronic hepatitis patient in Korea.


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@article{Chung2006MacroaspartateAI, title={[Macro-aspartate aminotransferase in a patient with chronic hepatitis C].}, author={Yong Woo Chung and Joo Hyun Sohn and Chang Hee Baek and Jong Pyo Kim and Yong Cheol Jeon and Dong Soo Han and Dong Hoo Lee and Choon Suhk Kee and Il Kyu Park}, journal={The Korean journal of gastroenterology = Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe chi}, year={2006}, volume={47 3}, pages={229-32} }