Machine learning in bioinformatics

  title={Machine learning in bioinformatics},
  author={Pedro Larra{\~n}aga and Borja Calvo and Roberto Santana and Concha Bielza and Josu Galdiano and I{\~n}aki Inza and Jos{\'e} Antonio Lozano and Rub{\'e}n Arma{\~n}anzas and Guzm{\'a}n Santaf{\'e} and Aritz P{\'e}rez Mart{\'i}nez and V{\'i}ctor Robles},
  journal={Briefings in bioinformatics},
  volume={7 1},
This article reviews machine learning methods for bioinformatics. It presents modelling methods, such as supervised classification, clustering and probabilistic graphical models for knowledge discovery, as well as deterministic and stochastic heuristics for optimization. Applications in genomics, proteomics, systems biology, evolution and text mining are also shown.