Machine learning for Internet of Things data analysis: A survey

  title={Machine learning for Internet of Things data analysis: A survey},
  author={Mohammad Saeid Mahdavinejad and Mohammadreza Rezvan and Mohammadamin Barekatain and Peyman Adibi and Payam M. Barnaghi and A. Sheth},

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This is the first comprehensive review to address the fundamental concerns of developing and deploying machine learning systems in the rising cloud-edge-device continuum in terms of functionality, business alignment and trustworthiness.

Machine Learning and Internet of Things for Smart Living: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Among the four types of data formats used in IoT applications, text data in Smart City and Smart Health was the primary format that has been used, and future work should focus on the adaptation of fog computing while applying machine learning for different smart applications, which will lead to a decrease in network traffic and optimized bandwidth.

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This paper discusses about the smarter big data analysis with the use case of smart parking system using machine learning algorithms and IOT, and the CNN machine learning algorithm is used for the smart occupancy of parking slots.

Applications of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the Internet of Things

This chapter reviews recent ML-based approaches on IoT systems, in which a set of common issues and challenges are discussed and might provide new research directions about machine learning mechanisms on the internet of things for interested researchers and developers.

Machine Learning Techniques for Security of Internet of Things (IoT) and Fog Computing Systems

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Internet of Things to Smart IoT Through Semantic, Cognitive, and Perceptual Computing

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Smart grid time series big data processing system

This paper presents an approach to store and process time series big data in Smart Grid based on HBase, a policy-driven method to make the time series data organized on demand.

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A software architecture supporting the collection of sensor-based data in the context of the IoT is defined, which goes from the physical dimension of sensors to the storage of data in a cloud-based system.

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This paper begins with a discussion of the IoT, then a brief review of the features of "data from IoT" and "data mining for IoT' is given, and changes, potentials, open issues, and future trends of this field are addressed.

An Autonomic Approach to Real-Time Predictive Analytics Using Open Data and Internet of Things

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This case study is the prediction of energy usage of a building using open data and IoT and a two-step solution is proposed: data management: collection, filtering and warehousing and data analytics: source selection and prediction.

Data Mining for the Internet of Things: Literature Review and Challenges

A systematic way to review data mining in knowledge view, technique view, and application view, including classification, clustering, association analysis, time series analysis and outlier analysis is given.

Fog Computing Micro Datacenter Based Dynamic Resource Estimation and Pricing Model for IoT

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    2015 IEEE 29th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications
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This paper provides an effective and efficient resource management framework for IoTs, which covers the issues of resource prediction, customer type based resource estimation and reservation, advance reservation, and pricing for new and existing IoT customers, on the basis of their characteristics.

Challenges for Quality of Data in Smart Cities

Smart cities use multimodal information coming from heterogeneous sources, including various types of the Internet of Things (IoT) data such as traffic, weather, pollution, and noise data. The smart

Clustering massive small data for IOT

  • X. TaoChunlei Ji
  • Computer Science
    The 2014 2nd International Conference on Systems and Informatics (ICSAI 2014)
  • 2014
This paper uses MapReduce to analysis the numerous small data sets and proposes a cluster strategy for massive small data based on the k-means clustering algorithm, which can improve the data processing efficiency, and improve the utilization of system resources.