Machine Learning Application for Λ Hyperon Reconstruction in CBM at FAIR

  title={Machine Learning Application for $\Lambda$ Hyperon Reconstruction in CBM at FAIR},
  author={Shahid Hassan Khan and Viktor Klochkov and Olha Lavoryk and Oleksii Lubynets and Ali Imdad Khan and A. Dubla and Ilya Selyuzhenkov},
  journal={EPJ Web of Conferences},
The Compressed Baryonic Matter experiment at FAIR will investigate the QCD phase diagram in the region of high net-baryon densities. Enhanced production of strange baryons, such as the most abundantly produced Λ hyperons, can signal transition to a new phase of the QCD matter. In this work, the CBM performance for reconstruction of the Λ hyperon via its decay to proton and π− is presented. Decay topology reconstruction is implemented in the Particle-Finder Simple (PFSimple) package with Machine… 

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CBM Performance for Λ Hyperon Directed Flow Measurements in Au + Au Collisions at 12A GeV/c

We present the current status of the performance studies of Λ hyperon directed flow measurement with the CBM experiment at the future FAIR facility in Darmstadt. Kalman Filter mathematics is used to

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