Machiavellian Democracy: Index

  title={Machiavellian Democracy: Index},
  author={John P. McCormick},
Citizens, Leaders and the Common Good in a world of Necessity and Scarcity: Machiavelli’s Lessons for Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Abstract In this article we investigate the value and utility of Machiavelli’s work for Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM). We made a selection of five topics derived from literature
Realism and Political Normativity
  • Matt Sleat
  • Philosophy, Art
    Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
  • 2021
A prevailing understanding of realism, chiefly among its critics, casts realists as those who seek a ‘distinctively political normativity’, where this is interpreted as meaning nonmoral in kind.
Unity and Disunity in the Positive Tradition
Positive freedom can be hard to pin down. Whereas negative freedom may be characterised as an absence of coercion or physical prevention, and republican freedom as an absence of interpersonal
Property and Political Power
Beyond Positive and Negative Liberty
Disability and Positive Liberty
Positive Freedom and Freedom of Contract
The Multiple Dimensions of Positive Freedom
Basic Freedom in the Real World