Mach’s Principle, Action at a Distance and Cosmology

  title={Mach’s Principle, Action at a Distance and Cosmology},
  author={Heidi Fearn},
  journal={Journal of Modern Physics},
  • H. Fearn
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • Journal of Modern Physics
Hoyle and Narlikar (HN) in the 1960’s [1] 08D0C9EA79F9BACE118C8200AA004BA90B02000000080000000E0000005F005200650066003400310031003900330036003000340034000000 -[3] 08D0C9EA79F9BACE118C8200AA004BA90B02000000080000000E0000005F005200650066003400310031003900330036003000340037000000 developed a theory of gravitation which was completely Machian and used both retarded and advanced waves to communicate gravitational influence between particles. The advanced waves, which travel backward in time… Expand

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