Macdonald formula for curves with planar singularities

  title={Macdonald formula for curves with planar singularities},
  author={D. Maulik and Zhiwei Yun},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
We generalize Macdonald's formula for the cohomology of Hilbert schemes of points on a curve from smooth curves to curves with planar singularities: we relate the cohomology of the Hilbert schemes to the cohomology of the compactified Jacobian of the curve. The new formula is a consequence of a stronger identity between certain perverse sheaves defined by a family of curves satisfying mild conditions. The proof makes an essential use of Ngo's support theorem for compactified Jacobians and… Expand
A support theorem for Hilbert schemes of planar curves
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Modules over plane curve singularities in any ranks and DAHA
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The Hilbert scheme of a plane curve singularity and the HOMFLY homology of its link
Author(s): Oblomkov, A; Rasmussen, J; Shende, V; Gorsky, E | Abstract: © 2018, Mathematical Sciences Publishers. All rights reserved. We conjecture an expression for the dimensions of theExpand
Hilbert schemes on plane curve singularities are generalized affine Springer fibers
In this paper, we show that Hilbert schemes of planar curve singularities can be interpreted as generalized affine Springer fibers for $GL_n$. This leads to a construction of a rational CherednikExpand
Hecke correspondences for Hilbert schemes of reducible locally planar curves
Let C be a complex, reduced, locally planar curve. We extend the results of Rennemo [R14] to reducible curves by constructing an algebra A acting on V = ⊕ n>0H BM ∗ (C [n],Q), where C [n] is theExpand
HOMFLY polynomials, stable pairs and motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants
Hilbert scheme topological invariants of plane curve singularities are identified to framed threefold stable pair invariants. As a result, the conjecture of Oblomkov and Shende on HOMFLY polynomialsExpand
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DAHA and plane curve singularities
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Fourier–Mukai and autoduality for compactified Jacobians, II
To every reduced (projective) curve X with planar singularities one can associate many fine compactified Jacobians, depending on the choice of a polarization on X, which are birational (possiblyExpand


The Hilbert scheme of a plane curve singularity and the HOMFLY polynomial of its link
The intersection of a complex plane curve with a small three -sphere surrounding one of its singularities is a non-trivial link. The refined punct ual Hilbert schemes of the singularity parameterizeExpand
Topology of the compactified Jacobians of singular curves
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Euler number of the compactified Jacobian and multiplicity of rational curves
We show that the Euler number of the compactified Jacobian of a rational curve $C$ with locally planar singularities is equal to the multiplicity of the $\delta$-constant stratum in the base of aExpand
Hilbert schemes of points on a locally planar curve and the Severi strata of its versal deformation
  • V. Shende
  • Mathematics
  • Compositio Mathematica
  • 2012
Abstract Let C be a locally planar curve. Its versal deformation admits a stratification by the genera of the fibres. The strata are singular; we show that their multiplicities at the central pointExpand
Ideals associated to deformations of singular plane curves
We consider in this paper the geometry of certain loci in deformation spaces of plane curve singularities. These loci are the equisingular locus ES which parametrizes equisingular or topologicallyExpand
Symmetric products of an algebraic curve
LET X be a nonsingular irreducible complete algebraic curve over the field C of complex numbers, and let X(n) denote the nth symmetric product of X. The first part of this paper is devoted to anExpand
Global Springer theory
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Counting rational curves on K3 surfaces
The aim of these notes is to explain the remarkable formula found by Yau and Zaslow to express the number of rational curves on a K3 surface. Projective K3 surfaces fall into countably many familiesExpand
Let X be a smooth algebraic variety over a field k and f : X → S be a proper morphism. By Deligne’s theorem [5], the direct image f∗Q` is a pure complex i.e. for the perverse t-structure, theExpand
Fixed point varieties on affine flag manifolds
We study the space of Iwahori subalgebras containing a given element of a semisimple Lie algebra over C((ɛ)). We also define and study a map from nilpotent orbits in a semisimple Lie algebra over CExpand