MYb(BH4)4 (M = K, Na) from laboratory X-ray powder data.

  title={MYb(BH4)4 (M = K, Na) from laboratory X-ray powder data.},
  author={Wojciech Wegner and Tomasz Jaroń and Wojciech Grochala},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section C, Crystal structure communications},
  volume={69 Pt 11},
Two new borohydrides, potassium ytterbium tetraborohydride, KYb(BH4)4, and sodium ytterbium tetraborohydride, NaYb(BH4)4, have been synthesized via mechanochemical reactions in the solid state. The two compounds are isostructural and both crystallize in the Cmcm space group in the structure reported previously for NaSc(BH4)4 and KY(BH4)4. This crystal structure is composed of isolated homoleptic [Yb(BH4)4](-) anions surrounded by M(+) cations (M = Na, K). The packing of the M(+) cations and [Yb… CONTINUE READING

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