MYB and CBP: physiological relevance of a biochemical interaction

  title={MYB and CBP: physiological relevance of a biochemical interaction},
  author={S Fung and G. C. Ramsay and Alisa L. Katzen},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
Drosophila melanogaster possesses a single gene, Dm myb, that is closely related to the vertebrate family of Myb genes, which encode transcription factors involved in regulatory decisions affecting cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. In proliferating cells, the Dm myb gene product, DMyb, promotes both S-phase and M-phase, and acts to preserve diploidy by suppressing endoreduplication. The CBP and p300 proteins are transcriptional co-activators that interact with a multitude of… CONTINUE READING
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